Friday, October 5, 2012


Hello and Welcome to my Blog! I'll be posting just about everything I read on the Packers, Brewers, and Bucks here and also providing some of my own opinions. I might even make some articles or videos of my own, all about the Packers, Brewers, and Bucks.

Now, take this blog for what it is: A blog full of re-posted articles and opinions from a 16 year old sports fan from Chicago. I was born in Illinois to a family of die hard Packer and Brewer fans, so I started watching football when I was 4. I was always dressed up in Packers clothing, but I was about 9 when I started really caring about sports. I spend about 3 hours on an average day reading and looking at news about my favorite sports teams, as I have for years now, regardless of it being the off season or not. I became a Brewers fan at about the same time, but have only been a Bucks fan for about 3 years, when I realized there was a period of time between football and baseball seasons that needed to be filled by something. In other words, an empty hole in my life. Since Football and Baseball were the only two sports my family cared too much about, I turned to the internet to tell me about the Bucks, where I discovered a severe lack of Bucks fans. When last year the Bobcats (Worst winning percentage in NBA history last year) have more people in attendance than the Bucks, there's clearly a problem.

At any rate, being a Wisconsin fan living in Chicago leads me to oftentimes turn to the internet for news about my favorite teams. I'll share links to my favorite articles, interesting pieces, and anything that might interest you, should anyone be reading this. Expect a post or two everyday I'm here, maybe more. Feel free to ask me anything, I'll be sure to respond.

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